Retford Open Meet 2018

Retford Open Meet 2018

Sunday 17th June 2018 at Ponds Forge International Pool

Information for swimmers and parents

Please arrive no later than 8AM for the 8.25 warm up!

There is a car park available at ponds forge but it does fill up quite quick!! Alternative parking is available in the neighboring Qpark as you approach, ensure you go to the information desk at ponds for a discount voucher to reduce the parking fee if you are using the Qpark.

The day will be a long one if you are booked in for both sessions, bring drinks and snacks if you wish and remember it will be hot and stifling, so dress appropriately.  There is a cafe serving refreshments.

Changing facilities are downstairs along with access to the pool, lockers in the main changing areas are accessible by electronic tag that can be loaned for a refundable £2 fee.  In the family changing area £1 coin operated lockers are available.

We have been informed by the hosting club that programmes will not be available on the day.

A draft program is available to view and print off now, their website states that start lists will be available to print on the day

Click here for entries, draft program and live results

Good Luck to all our swimmers taking part!!