Open Meet 2020


Eckington Open Meet 17th May 2020

Welcome to our 2020 Open Meet

We hope you are all looking forward to the event!

Click here for the Entry Pack

Please email our club to express an interest and if there are any officials which would like to volunteer you would be very welcome

Please see below for some must know information:

  • Please ensure that there are no swim bags brought onto the poolside!
  • lockers are available, £1 coin required.
  • A small bag can be brought to poolside with a drink, goggles, inhaler and snack etc…rucksacks MUST NOT be on poolside.
  • All competitors should arrive at 7.30 in time for the 8.00 warm up.
  • No swimmers allowed in the viewing areas.
  • No camp chairs allowed on balcony or other viewing areas.
  • Swimmers should bring their usual swim meet kit:
    • Racesuit/swimsuit/Jammers along with a spare
    • Goggles plus spare
    • ESC swim cap ( available priced at £5)
    • ESC Club shirt or a dark coloured T-shirt navy if possible.
    • Flip flops
    • Poolside towel
    • Waterbottle and plenty to drink.
    • Snacks ( NO NUTS PLEASE!)
    • Mobile phones ( can be brought but swimmers are responsible for their security and sensible use) Mobile phones are not to be used in the changing rooms for taking photos

Admission prices

Adults   –    Per Session £5.00 All Day £8.00

OAP/child   –   Per Session £2.50 All Day £4.00

Programmes are £3.00 each


There will be plenty of refreshments available for purchase in the cafe, as well as vending machines in the foyer and also this year ESC will have an Ice Cream van!! Lets hope its a hot day!!


This year we have Sporty Swim, SWIMZI shop and a medal engraver who will be available on the day to personalise medals achieved.


We have a number of swimmers who have allergies, including nuts therefore can we please request that this is brought into consideration when preparing snacks and lunches.


For anyone wishing to take photo/video there will be a register for you to sign on arrival. Please focus on your own swimmer and refrain from posting on social media. No photography in any changing areas.


Parking is available although can be limited at times, please be mindful of residents if the car park gets full on the day!

ESC members have been advised to fill up the doctors parking area first to allow space in the main car park for visiting clubs.


Thanks and have a fab day swimming!



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If you have any questions then please contact us ASAP by emailing us directly at or use our Contact Us enquiry form.