East Midland Regional Championships 2017

Left to right: Connor Thorpe, Riminy Casey, Libby Taylor, William Hogg, Harvey Sands, Ellie Tennant, Corran Parsons, Savannah Cooper, Abby Barker, Harrison Casey


The East Midland Regional Championships took place over two separate schedules: Corby and Sheffield.  This page reports on the results from both schedules.


The results speak for themselves – all of our swimmers this year have been focussed, have worked hard and are a great credit to their swimming club.  In particular, despite our club having to use temporary venues during a 5 month closure of our main training facility (Eckington Swimming Pool) our swimmers have still delivered excellent results which any swimming club should be proud of.

10 swimmers earned the opportunity to swim at the East Midland Regional Championships.  The names of these swimmers are shown below.


  • 29 swims
  • 10 finals
  • 2 gold medals
  • 1 silver medal
  • 1 bronze medal

Looking back at 2016, only 4 swimmers were eligible to take part in 10 swims with one swimmer getting to the 2016 final – with no medals won in 2016.  This year’s 2017 participation has been amazing in comparison.

Junior Championships Results

The first schedule took place at Corby East Midlands International Pool on the 29th and 30th April 2017.

Fantastic performances by 4 of our swimmers at Regional Level at the East Midland Regional Championships at Corby:

  • Abby Barker
  • Harrison Casey
  • Savannah Cooper
  • Connor Thorpe

9 out of 16 races resulting in PB’s.  Finals for Connor Thorpe and Savannah Cooper.

Well done everyone!

Full results can be downloaded by clicking here

Youth Championships Results

The second schedule took place at Ponds Forge International Swimming Pool on the 27th, 28th and 29th May 2017.

Well Done Swimmers – Fantastic Regional Youth Championships!

  • 8 Finals
  • 2 Gold medals
  • 1 Silver medal
  • 1 Bronze medal

Swimmers who took part in the second schedule at Ponds Forge were:

  • Riminy Casey
  • Billy Hogg
  • Corran Parsons
  • Harvey Sands
  • Libby Taylor
  • Ellie Tennant

Full results can be downloaded by clicking here

Medal Winners


Fantastic achievement for our three swimmers pictured.  A number of swimmers reached 10 final events at the East Midland Region Championships, from which 4 medals were won!

Pictured left to right:

  • Riminy Casey
    • 3rd place bronze medal in 200m butterfly final
  • William Hogg
    • 2nd place silver medal in 50m freestyle final
  • Ellie Tennant
    • 1st place gold medal in 50m butterfly final
    • 1st place gold medal in 100m butterfly final

English National Qualifiers

Congratulations to Ellie Tennant qualifying for English Nationals in 50m and 100m butterfly and William Hogg 50m freestyle.